Saturday, 28 July 2012

What sort of mobile phones can be recycled and other FAQs

Hundreds of families are now collecting old mobile phones to get an iPad for their child from Hearts and Minds, and the questions are rolling in too:

1. What sort of mobile phones can be recycled?

Your total should consist mainly of recent phones - from the last 10 years - though a few older phones like this can be included:

The charity will accept up to 10 phones that may be:
...over 10 years old.
...missing parts (except the battery cover)

Phones less than 3 years old with broken screens will also be accepted.

2. Do the phones need to have batteries in them?

Yes they do.

3. Do you take phones from overseas?

Yes.  If they're being posted make sure that the ends of the batteries are sealed with sellotape and packed separately from the phones.

4. Do you take phones from America?

American phones operate on a different band, so only a few can be accepted, more if they are GSM phones rather than CDMA.

5. We have more phones than we need, how can we help other kids?

Either give them to another family locally or send them directly to Hearts and Minds where they will go towards fundraising for the school for children with autism.

6. Do you accept mobile phone batteries?

Yes, but they don't count towards your total unless there is a phone to go with them.

7. Is there a good poster to help publicise my phone collection?

Yes, this poster

8. How long have I got to collect the phones?

The campaign will run until the end of the year at least.

9. Do the phones have to be working?


10. Can I send in phones from overseas?

Absolutely, and many people do not realise this.  But they MUST be GSM phones and not CDMA phones.  Most countries use GSM, check this website for detail:

11. What are the best ways to collect phones?

Watch this space....another blog post on is coming soon!

More about the Hearts and Minds charity here:

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