Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Welcome to Holland. Or maybe not...

Welcome to Holland' is a 1987 essay by Emily Perl Kingsley that is often given to parents when they get a diagnosis of special needs for their child.

But it doesn't work for everyone...

Especially at the start, when you're still in the airport and in shock at being in Holland and not Italy.  If you're in that place, you might like to read this post by Dana Nieder instead:

Or perhaps you feel that you've landed in a war zone by mistake?   Then you might relate to 'Welcome to Beirut' one of several posts linked up here:

Sometimes it's tough being in Holland and that's okay too:

And for a lighter look at the 'Dutch' way of life, you might like this recent post by Donna Street:

A diagnosis of special needs changes lives for every family, but there is lots of support out there, including on the Hearts and Minds Facebook page...why not join the community today:

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