Thursday, 7 June 2012

The TV launch of Hearts and Minds

It's hard to believe that it's only a week since celebrity supporters Keith Duffy and Melanie Sykes were sitting on the sofa in the Daybreak studio to officially launch the Hearts and Minds mobile phone recycling scheme in the UK.

Since then 388 families have registered to start collecting old phones to exchange for iPads, and they are helping Hearts and Minds to raise much-needed funds to assist families touched by autism.

Children with autism and other special needs really benefit from using iPads, for entertainment and education, as well as communication, fine motor skills and joint engagement.

This scheme is open to all families in the UK, not just those touched by special needs.  So please help to spread the word by telling everyone you know. 

Click on Daybreak Interview to see the interview with Keith and Melanie: They are live from 1hour 46 minutes and you'll need to be in the UK to see it.

Twitter: @handmchallenge

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