Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How to protect your iPad

Like 85 other families you've got your iPad through the Hearts and Minds phone recycling scheme, and your child loves it!  But what happens if it gets dropped or scratched or thrown?  The best way to ensure that it doesn't get damaged is to invest in a protective cover, which should greatly extend the life of your new iPad.

Here are some ideas..

1. The Otterbox Defender as tested by Grace (of Grace App, a communications app for children with autism)  on Amazon.

2.  The Lifedge Waterproof case from £99 from Lifedge.

3. This blog post reviews several great covers for younger children

4. Overboard Waterproof case from £20.98

5. The GoNow case: "Make your iPad more durable, more portable, and twice as loud!"Coast £65 from Inclusive Technology

6. The Trident Kraken Case: An alternative to the Otterbox Defender costing £40.95 from Amazon

7. The Tabtoob is just £19.99 and is recommended by a Hearts and Minds Mum.  

 "Our iPad has been dropped and bounced more times than a ball!! Awesome case even comes with a screen protector to take it out and about."


Finally here are three tips that you REALLY need to know to help you and your child get the most value out of your iPad:

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