Friday, 8 February 2013

In the News: January 2013

The announcement that two of Team GB's Olympics cyclists will be joining the CycleBuddy Cycling Challenge charity cycle for Hearts and Minds in May boosted newspaper coverage in January.

The story got great coverage in the Manchester Evening News:

More and more families are successfully collecting old mobile phones to swap for an iPad from Hearts and Minds, and some are getting so many donations of phones that they are getting additional iPads for other children, or sending the spare phones directly to Hearts and Minds:

Other families are using local newspapers to appeal for phones:

And a reminder that it's not just children with autism who can benefit from iPad, they can be used to help with other special needs too, like cerebral palsy:

Another way to appeal for phones is through a personal blog like this one:

If your child needs an iPad please check out Hearts and Minds:

Twitter: @handmchallenge

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