Monday, 8 September 2014

We're going on a ghost hunt

On the 25th October we are going on a ghost hunt at Ordsall Hall joined by the brave trio Cleopatra , who will be doing a lone vigil to help raise funds for Hearts and Minds

Tickets are limited so don't miss out , this is a spooky night not to be missed !
 It will start with a tour of the venue with a spirit medium, followed by Paranormal and Ghost Hunt Equipment Presentation. Dowsing Workshop with crystals and dowsing rods, and Room vigils, table tipping, glass work, dowsing etc. The use of EMF meters and other equipment can be used throughout the ghost hunt. All DeadLive ghost hunting vigils are managed by psychics and paranormal investigators and we encourage everyone to get involved with our events.

What to Expect:
The night commences at 9pm when an experienced and professional Psychic medium, will escort you around the venue. Following this, the night will continue with smaller group vigils and team work using a range of paranormal equipment including dowsing rods, K2 meters, table tipping and Ouiji boards for those who want to participate.
Advisable to wear layered clothing as temperatures can get very cold on investigations and we recommend flat shoes with non-slip soles, as you may well be walking around in the dark and on staircases with no lighting. Don’t forget your torch as the event does take place in rooms that can be dark. You are welcome to bring cameras and personal paranormal investigation equipment. The GHOST HUNT hub offers a place to take a break, sit, have a tea/coffee (provided) catch up with other group members and toilets are to hand. You are welcome to bring your own snacks. Paranormal activity at events can never be guaranteed. However, the more positive energy we have between the group the better it will be to encourage a connection with the spirits of the venue. Please note alcohol is not permitted during the investigation.

Tickets: £30.00 Plus £10 minimum Sponsorship (FULL PRICE £40) (Which Includes Hot Drinks and Snacks )

You can purchase tickets here :

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