Friday, 30 November 2012

Free Apps Friday 29.11.12

For those of you with iPads and other iDevices, here are a selection of FREE apps that I have found this morning:

1. Oh, What a Tangle!

An interactive story

2. Everyday Mathematics® Monster Squeeze™

Number recognition with monsters. A two player game.

3. Toca Tailor Fairy Tales

Design and style clothes

4. Old MacDonald HD - by Duck Duck Moose 

An interactive story 

5. Move and Match

An educational app with word/symbol/picture matching

6. Social Stories

Another app for making social stories

7. Puzzle School

Up to 300 picture puzzles (10 initially)

8. Maths Facts Card Matching

Fun with Maths

9.  Lola's Beach Puzzle

Fun puzzles for 3-8 year olds

Thanks to Senict and Technology in Special Education for these apps

If your child needs an iPad please check out Hearts and Minds:

Twitter: @handmchallenge

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