Monday, 12 November 2012

What happens when I've collected all the phones?


You've collected all the phones you need to get an iPad - or your choice of technology gift - from Hearts and Minds.

Perry and his collection of phones

So what happens now?

Obviously the kids are excited, they can't wait for the iPad to arrive, so parents can get a bit anxious, and there have been a number of queries about the process.  So here it is, step by step...

1. Email or to arrange collection of the phones.

2. One of the Hearts & Minds staff will email you back with the following information:

- the name of the courier company
- a collection date
- a reference number

3. The phones: Please leave them loose.  Just put into one or more plastic bags and knot tightly.  Put the bags in a strong cardboard box together.  Tape the box up securely so that no phones can fall out.

Address the box as follows:

Hearts & Minds,
3-5 Church Street,
Staffordshire ST14 8AG

Sender: (your name and address)

4. The couriers: please contact the them directly if you need to know the exact time of collection.  The courier company is Interlink and their phone number is 01782415513.

5. Collection day: please ensure that there is someone at the house on that day to hand over the phones.

6. Waiting for the iPad: It takes about 3 working days for the phones to be delivered and processed. You will then receive another email from Hearts & Minds with a tracking parcel number for the iPad once it has been despatched.

Your iPad should arrive within 14 days.

Open and enjoy :)

If your child needs an iPad please check out Hearts and Minds:

Twitter: @handmchallenge

For queries on the collection of phones or the delivery of iPads: Tel-020 3130 0410

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