Monday, 15 April 2013

An iPad helps Corey with reading and writing

Friends, family and National Express Stansted helped Kirsty to collect enough old mobile phones to get an iPad for her son Corey from Hearts and Minds.

"It didn't take us too long to collect," she says.  "Luckily a lot of my friends had at least 2 phones to give us, and my Dad's wonderful company (National Express Stansted) collected the majority of the phones, the workers were wonderful and handed in tons!
"Corey was diagnosed at the age of 2.  We had to wait till he was 3 for the official 'paperwork' but it was recognised at 2years old, and luckily we had a lot of help from the nursery and the child development centre.  He couldn't talk, and we were told that mentally he will always be about 2 years behind his age.  He used to lash out and hit and throw tantrums, but now at age 6 he has grown out of his anger, and tends to repeat himself or get very upset or groan/jump about/flap arms or 'bounce' on the chair when stressed.  But one thing that he's always been good at, and that has always calmed him, is computers.

"He is only just learning to read and write, he talks now but still sounds like a toddler and can get very frustrated, but ever since his iPad has arrived we have noticed a huge jump in his reading and writing skills!  He's even using his imagination more! He loves playing a game called 'mine craft' and he makes models in mine craft of characters he likes such as skylanders, sonic, angry birds and mario. They are really good! He would never have done that before! He's so happy with his iPad I cant even begin to tell you and he's only had it a couple weeks and we have noticed a huge change in him!"

Could an iPad help your child too?

If you live in Britain, simply collect 165 old mobile phones and the Manchester-based charity Hearts and Minds will exchange them for a new iPad.

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