Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Kindness and generosity helped Ryan to get an iPad from Hearts and Minds

It was kindness and generosity that helped Louise to collect enough old mobile phones to get an iPad for her son Ryan through the Hearts and Minds mobile phone recycling scheme.  Well that is what his Mum says anyway...

"My son Ryan is 3 years old, he has autism and was diagnosed last November.  When we started collecting the phones, I thought it was going to be impossible, but how wrong was I!  We started the mobile phone collection in February and one month later Ryan has his iPad.

"The kindness and generosity of people was amazing.  From parents at the school where my other children attend, to the recycling centre where I got 70 phones.  I have one special person to thank, and that is Ryan's godmother, Caitriona.  She was the one who with her consistent support, encouraged this adventure with Hearts and Minds."

Ryan and Caitriona with their collection of phones

 Mum Louise says that she was changed too by the scheme...

"I suppose I had to actually open up and talk about my son's condition to people.  The positive response I got from people actually showed me they cared, and it was okay to talk.  So not only have Hearts and Minds given my son the most precious gift,  but they also have given me a gift.

"Ryan is super please with his new iPad.  He really loves it:) I can't believe the happy journey we have come on with Hearts and Minds: because not only when I watch Ryan's enjoyment of the iPad do I think of Hearts and Minds, but I also when I remember the true kindness that people showed."

Ryan's message to everyone who helped him to get his iPad
Could an iPad help your child too?

If you live in Britain, simply collect 165 old mobile phones and the Manchester-based charity Hearts and Minds will exchange them for a new iPad.

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