Friday, 14 June 2013

How to collect 165 old phones in 6 weeks

Positive from the start, Bristol Dad, David Anderson, shared every step of the Hearts and Minds challenge to collect 165 old phones to exchange for an iPad for his son Ashton.

It all began at the end of April...

"We started our challenge a week ago and the response has been amazing!  I have people putting phones in the post from as far away as Newcastle, and have friends in North Carolina collecting phones to send from the US back to us in the UK." 

Ashton with the first two phones
Within days Dad David had also made contact with the local papers and joined forces with local Mum Toni Harwood, who is collecting phones for her son, Ethan.  They persuaded people in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Chippenham, London and North Caroline to collect phones.  Fone Fix in Swindon donated phones and allowed customers to leave their donations in the shop too.  David also contacted local football and rugby teams, a community centre, a social club and a builder's providers.  The following week saw stories in two local papers.

By May 13th David had 47 phones in his hand and another 100 in various cities around the UK, waiting for collection!  There was also more media coverage with a story in the White Horse News:

May 18th saw a big drive to collect phones in Swindon.  And the boys met for the first time:

Ethan and Ashton
The target was reached on May 23rd...

And Ashton is currently waiting for his iPad to be delivered!

Special thanks also go to Sara Kennedy, Lynn Griffen, Mary Lawrence, Andy Runsam, Dilton Marsh Social Club, Timms in Carterton and the Brunei Centre in Cranwell.

Ethan's Mum is still collecting, and this is a video made by her middle daughter for her autistic brother, which shows why this cause is so important.

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