Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to make a weighted blanket for under £50


1.  Use this guide to work out the size and weight of blanket that you need for your child.

2.  Sew a double layer of wadding around the edges on the three closed sides of the duvet cover, leaving it open in the middle.

Plastic Polybeads

3.  Put 10% of the plastic poly beads beads into the duvet cover.  Then sew across horizontally with sewing machine and repeat until the blanket is divided in 10 rows.

4.  Then once the duvet is sealed up, divide it again vertically.
5.  Takes about 4 hours to make.

More detailed instructions here:
With thanks to Galway Autism Partnership who would be delighted to welcome any families from the UK who are travelling to the West of Ireland to join in with their events for children with autism this summer.

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