Monday, 12 August 2013

Manchester Mums run a lively Facebook campaign to get TWO iPads

A lively Facebook campaign aims to get two iPads for two young men in Manchester via the Hearts and Minds mobile phone recycling campaign.

Annette Jackson is one of two parents behind the campaign:

"My son is autistic and has an iPad that has dramatically helped his speech and education - for example he can count to 10 now! It's really amazing how much it has helped him.  I am collecting old phones to try and get an iPad for my nephew Karl, while my friend is collecting for her son Reiss -  I met her through our local autism support group."

Reiss is 11, autistic, and has very little language or communication, and sadly his old iPad is no longer working.

"Reiss has been devastated without his iPad, so we are hoping to replace it as soon as possible.  We are also hoping to get an app which will help with his communication, and allow us to put timelines and schedules on it, which would help him to cope with daily life."

The other iPad is for 22 year old Karl who has charge syndrome, autistic tendencies, multi sensory impairment, complex learning difficulties and communication difficulties. 

The group has been running a successful poster campaign too:

Check out the campaign Facebook page:

The group has also set up a Facebook event, another great way to get friends and family involved:

Raffle Prize for Phone Donors

Annette also runs a Facebook page to promote the handmade decorative plaques, canvas, photo frames that she makes that give a positive spin on raising autism awareness.  These items are used to help charities raise funds locally - and she will be holding a
raffle for anyone that donates a phone, and if anyone collects over 10 phones they will receive a free plaque....take a look at them here :)


Could an iPad help your child too?

If you live in Britain, simply collect 165 old mobile phones and the Manchester-based charity Hearts and Minds will exchange them for a new iPad.

Details here:

Website: :

Twitter: @handmchallenge
Pinterest: Hearts and Minds
Google+: Hearts and Minds
More about the charity here: Hearts & Minds Challenge

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